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Do your needs change as you get older? Of course. Yet trying to plan for those changes now and understand how various insurance plans will help you down the road can be challenging, especially when you’ve never had to understand Medicare before.

I’ve taken a different approach and believe specialization is the key to better understanding.

Hi I’m Jim Anderson, president of Prime Life Benefits LLC.

When you turn 65, you have questions about the next steps in life.

“What do I need to know about Medicare benefits?”

“Do I still need a good health insurance plan?”

“What about long term care insurance?”

And if you ask these types of questions to a full service insurance broker, you’re likely to get a mixed message response.

When you call Prime Life Benefits LLC, you’ll get all of your answers directly from me. I have spent over 5 years working in the health and life insurance industry with a special focus on Medicare and senior products. In other words, I know the ins and outs of everything that will impact your insurance decisions once you turn 65.

I believe you should be presented with all the facts to ensure you are making the smartest decisions for your lifestyle. While it’s easy to find out the basics through a little bit of research online, understanding the confusing parts can be a tedious process. And how do you know what questions to ask when you simply don’t know what questions to ask?

I’m there to guide you down the path, help you decipher the new rules and programs, and understand how small changes can mean a world of difference as you are planning for retirement and beyond.

With my service, you won’t be calling a 1-800 number and talking with a random agent. I’m a local agent right here in Denver, Colorado. I speak regularly at community meetings, meet face to face with people all over town, and strive to understand your needs and issues.

If you’re about to turn 65, or are already 65 and have questions about your coverage, I would love to answer your questions. Please give me a call at 720.240.4456 and let’s set up a no-cost, confidential meeting to discuss your needs and desires. You may be surprised at what our products can do for you.

Jim Anderson

PS Live outside of the Denver Metro area? My goal is to help all Colorado residents 65 and older navigate the health and Medicare field. I work and play in many areas throughout Colorado and therefore have met and maintained relationships with many 65+ residents. If you are outside of Denver, please feel free to call me toll free at 855-779-9756.